Los Angeles Area Economic and Trade delegations, interested in export-import, manufacturing, service industries and investments, visit Guangzhou and other parts of China. With the assistance of LAGSCA, they travel to China at least once annually to explore and promote trade between Los Angeles and Guangzhou.

In the Los Angeles area, LAGSCA continues to arrange frequent panel discussions independently and in collaboration with the U.S Consul General in Guangzhou, other business, academic and civic organizations such as Town Hall of California, World Affairs Council, The Asia Society, American Women Economic Development Corporation (AWED), World Trade Center, UCLA, USC and the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce. Recently, LAGSCA sponsored a dialogue, “Current Developments in Business and Art in China,” at the Pacific Asia Museum that featured a panel discussion of Chinese diplomats and a United States economist.

LAGSCA also assists corporate, business and individual patron members in the Association’s highest membership level with liaison services to facilitate their individual exchange programs with Guangzhou and other cities of China.