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In 1982, LAGSCA assisted with the negotiations for the two red pandas from China that were given to the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association. In turn, Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association made a permanent gift of two drill baboons to the Guangzhou Zoo.

In 1984, LAGSCA assisted in the negotiations with China for the six-month loan of two giant pandas that China made to the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association in honor of the Summer Olympics on Los Angeles.

LAGSCA has assisted the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in an exhibition of Chinese Bronzes, hosted numerous other exhibits by Chinese artists, and has held seminars at the Pacific Asia Museum and similar venues.

Along with the sponsorship and planning grants of corporate board members ARCO and AT&T, LAGSCA supported two major exhibitions of Chinese paintings at the Pacific Asia Museum, which were the first important exhibitions of Chinese contemporary art outside of China – “Beyond the Open Door” (1987), “I Don’t Want to Play Cards With Cezanne,” (1991) and other works.