Los Angeles-Guangzhou Sister City Association

Established in 1981 as part of the Sister Cities International
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Our Mission
The purpose of International Sister Cities is to promote friendship between the United States of America and other countries through the establishment of relationships between cities in the United States and cities in other countries. This is accomplished through cultural, educational, scientific, health services, sports, trade and commercial exchanges between the two cities.

“The purpose of the Los Angeles-Guangzhou Sister City Association is to promote friendly ties between Guangzhou and Los Angeles, as well as between the United States and China. ”Established in 1981, is part of International Sister Cities, which was founded in the 1950’s

With sorrow and deepest sympathy to family, we report on the passing of Ms. Bee Canterbury Lavery. Bee was a great friend to all, member for 30 or more years. 
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( Click Here )Los Angeles Times: Bee Lavery